Super Bowl 2022 Keto Party Food and Snacks

Updated: March 02, 2022

Touchdown Super Bowl 2022! The Super Bowl LVI (56) is just around the corner, and for my family, it means Super Bowl Keto Party Food and Snacks! Yummy!

In our household, it’s a big thing! Keep the date free, Super bowl 2022 date is Sunday, 13 February 2022 or, like us, just keep the whole weekend free!

I’ve created a selection of keto super bowl party foods, including tasty football-themed food and other low carb super bowl snacks that you’ll enjoy. Regardless of whether you’re looking for dishes to bring to a party or host your own super bowl low carb party, I’ve got you covered! Take a look at the NFL site here: NFL Website

I don’t know about you, but I have a list of keto party food recipes that I like to go through, and every year I create a super bowl menu based on some of our favorite keto snack ideas. Jeff and I have always been big on mouth-watering dishes but, since starting keto, I’ve aimed to make more healthy super bowl snacks that won’t mess up my diet, or should I say lifestyle and waistline.

For Super Bowl weekend, we have family and friends over every year, I always prepare a combination of healthy football snacks and football-themed snacks that my non-keto people indulge in. If you are new to the keto diet check out our blog post, Keto Diet Plan and Advice for Beginners. or if you want to see how the keto diet and lifestyle can turn people lives around, check out one of our keto success stories. Keto Diet Before and After – A Game-Changer For Dana.

Crispy keto chicken wings on a white platter

1. Crispy Keto Chicken Wings

Are we even surprised that chicken wings are on the menu? If you’re looking for one of the top Super Bowl party food appetizers, you’ve found it. The crispy chicken wings tend to disappear very fast, and I suggest making a large batch. You will use no more than seven items to make the oven-baked wings and will have your guests wonder if you actually made them yourself!

Keto Popcorn Recipe in a bowl - Yummy Keto Cooking

2. Keto Popcorn

Are you planning a super bowl celebration? If so, you should know that there are endless ways to turn some of your classic American snacks into keto versions. If you’re trying to stay away from popcorn, go for these keto popcorn made from cheddar cheese, sea salt, and sweet corn extract. It’s one of the best super bowl appetizers as they’re super easy to make and are easily shareable.

Naked Keto Cheeseburger

3. Keto Burger Recipe

My keto burger recipe is a keto in n out burger minus the bun. Wrapped in lettuce and topped with melted cheese, tomatoes, ketchup, and onion, this keto burger recipe is one that you can customize to make it your own. The cheeseburgers are one of those super bowl cuisine picks that tend to go fast, so be sure to make enough. Enjoy it on its own or have it with one of my super bowl dips – keto buffalo chicken dip.

Keto Pecan Pie Recipe - with Pecan Nuts

4. Keto Pecan Pie

Who doesn’t love an appetizing pie? This sugar-free pie is one of my favorite super bowl desserts to make, and I’ve been serving them to my loved ones for the past few years. The pie has a decadent taste and will have you going for seconds in no time.

Keto Donuts Recipe - Recipe Image

5. Keto Donuts

If you are anything like me, donuts are one of your feel-good foods that are just hard to resist? In fact, it’s one of my favorite gameday snack ideas! Despite its sweet taste, we can’t ignore that they are very unhealthy. However, my keto donuts are the perfect healthy substitute for your sweet cravings.

Keto pizza with chicken bacon ranch toppings

6. Bacon Ranch Pizza

This keto pizza recipe is the ultimate in low-carb comfort food. A cheese-based crust piled up with ranch dressing, shredded chicken, crumbled bacon, and even more cheese. Yes, please! It’s made with different cheeses, eggs, and almond flour and is one of those classic snacks that people love.

Keto Cheesecake Recipe cut into slices on a plate - keto dessert idea

7. Keto Cheesecake

What if I told you that you could indulge in a decadent cheesecake on a keto diet. This sugar-free cheesecake recipe is perfect for those wanting to enjoy cheesecake on keto without ruining your meal plan. The best thing about it? Our low-carb cheesecake recipe is easy to make, so even the non-chefs will be able to whip it together in no time.

Keto Tortilla Chips Recipe

8. Keto Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips have always been present on my table whenever I’ve had a gathering with friends and family. But when I started the keto diet and changed my lifestyle, I had to find substitutes that would suit me – I present to you my ‘yummy’ keto tortilla chips! Honestly, these carb-free tortilla chips are the best chips for a party and taste like heaven!


9. Keto Charcuterie

So you need healthy football meals for your next gathering? Say no more! Why not try making a keto charcuterie board? It will allow you to get creative with what to include, and they are sure to be loved by your loved ones – whether they’re following a low-carb diet or not. Super Bowl finger foods for the win!

Super rich low carb queso in a bowl with some on a spoon

10. Creamy keto queso

There are tons of savory super bowl dips, including this creamy keto queso. Using only ten ingredients, you’ll get an amazing sauce with a thick consistency filled with chunks of tomatoes, chilies, and onions.

Keto stuffed jalapenos topped with cheese

11. Keto Jalapeno Peppers

Here’s another football party food! This keto stuffed jalapenos low-carb recipe will be a new favorite of yours. They’re incredibly easy to make and are stuffed with cheesy buffalo chicken deliciousness. If you’re looking for party foods to buy and prepare yourself, this one’s for you!

Dipping a keto mozzarella stick into marinara sauce

12. Keto Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are the perfect finger foods snacks for watching football! If you love a good cheesy mozzarella stick – but have been skipping out on them because of the carb-filled bread crumbs? These keto mozzarella sticks have a crispy outside with that classic melty cheese interior – and will fit into your low-carb lifestyle!

Keto Cornbread being cut into Slices - Yummy Keto Cooking

13. Keto Cornbread

There are tons of fun foods to make with friends that you can add to your buffet, including this grainy cornbread. If you grew up in a Southern household, chances are it’s been a staple in your household. And who can blame you? The lightly sweet flavor has been a part of my life forever. Impress your loved ones with a taste of Southern cuisine with this filling keto food.

two keto stuffed portabello mushrooms on black plates

14. Portobello Mushroom Pizza

If you’re running out of super bowl snack ideas, consider adding the stuffed portobello mushroom pizza to your list. You’ll only need a few items, and it will be done in no time – I’m talking 25 minutes total!

a stack of three large keto peanut butter brownies on a white plate next to the baking dish of brownies

15. Keto Peanut Butter Brownies

Adding these keto peanut butter brownies to your super bowl cookies list is a must. The sweet and fudgy desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth without being overbearing. To make it keto, I’ve created a low-carb and gluten-free food that you can enjoy guilt-free.


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