How To Follow The Keto Diet On Vacation

Going on holiday is one of the best feelings in the world because you get to unwind and recharge your battery. But it can also be a challenge if you’re on a strict keto diet plan that requires you to monetize your food and drink intake every day. So how do you enjoy your vacation without messing up your keto diet plan?

So you’re planning your next trip but are worried about travelling with a group of people whose diet looks different from yours. What do you do to stay on track? You plan accordingly. By no means is it going to be a walk in the park, especially if you’re new on your keto journey. However, by taking these necessary steps, you too can enjoy your holiday without worrying about keto.

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How many times have you skipped a meal before your flight simply because you were running out of time? Or perhaps you did eat, but it was not enough, so you ended up getting hungry before even taking off? Eating before your flight will not only keep you balanced, but it will also stop you from having unexpected so-called ‘snackcidents.” Make a quick and easy keto breakfast before you head to the airport, and put aside a selection of keto snacks that you can eat on the plane.



If possible, book accommodation with a breakfast buffet or a property that has a kitchen that allows you to prepare your own food to ensure you follow your keto diet plan. Nearly all hotels offer breakfast options at an additional cost. If you have not opted for an all-inclusive hotel, consider adding the breakfast as it will provide a range of keto foods to eat. Keep in mind that their breakfast tends to include a lot of starchy food like bread and cereal. Avoid them and stick to your keto food list as you would at home.

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It is easier to stay on track when you are at your accommodation or a restaurant that offers low-carb meals. But what happens when you are out on the road exploring the area? The key is to ensure you are ready when hunger strikes. Prepare your own keto snacks such as keto chips, keto fruit or keto yoghurt before leaving your accommodation. Bring more than you will need – it is better to have too much than too little. Or better yet, bring food on your trip to avoid having to worry about keto snacks to buy.



If you’re already planning on easing your diet on your holiday, make sure you don’t overdo it. For example, if you start your day with a filling keto breakfast with a higher carb intake than you’re used to, consider decreasing it for your next meal or even the rest of the day. Instead, focus on managing your fat and protein intake. If you really want to control your consumption burn those calories off by doing a High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. 



I realize that fasting on a trip is not the most fun thing to do. But doing so will help you control your hunger, not to mention, it will help you manage your calorie intake. However, depending on where you are on your journey, this might prove to be demanding. If you have been doing keto for a while, you are probably more prone to commit to it. But, if you are a newbie, consider intermittent fasting keto a few times before going on your trip to help your body and mind get used to it.


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It is easy to get carried away with alcohol on holidays. After all, we often associate carbs with food and forget that drinking your carbs is a thing. As tempting as it may be (if you are a drinker), avoid alcohol entirely, especially if you have a guilty pleasure. If you do insist on drinking, stick to keto alcohol, which includes clear spirits such as gin or a dry wine. Avoid beers at all costs – it is made from cereal grains and contains a significant amount of carbs.



Regardless of how committed you are, ultimately, you’re only human. If you find yourself falling off track, forgive yourself and pick it up the next day. Happy holidays!

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