Delicious Keto Condiments: Guy Gone Keto Review!

One thing that I realized was pretty challenging for people on the keto diet?  Finding keto condiments!  It’s pretty shocking how many condiments contain higher-than-necessary amounts of added sugar.

While you can always make your own, not everyone loves having to cook everything from scratch.  And going to the grocery store can leave you stuck in the label reading trap for hours, trying to dig through which options have low net carbs.

One of my new favorite product lines, Guy Gone Keto, solves this problem – they make exclusively low carb condiments. From ketchup to steak sauce, they’ve got keto versions of all your fridge staples.

Disclosure:  I received samples of these products to try, and this post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own.

An assortment of keto condiments from Guy Gone Keto

What types of ingredients are in Guy Gone Keto condiments?

All the Guy Gone Keto condiments are made primarily with a blend of water, KetoseSweet+ (a natural sweetener), and different spices or natural flavors.  Most of the products also have some type of vinegar in them, which makes sense (because that’s the same in regular condiments).

Why is added sugar on the labels?

These products are made with KetoseSweet+, a blend of three different sweeteners:  allulose, stevia and monk fruit.  At this point, the FDA still requires (or at least, appears to require) that allulose be listed on the label as an added sweetener, despite the fact most goes unmetabolized in the body (we get rid of most of it through urine).  Allulose contains about 90% fewer calories than sugar because of this.

Allulose also does not spike blood sugar levels (unlike regular sugar) and some research suggests it may actually help regulate blood sugar and weight management.  For example, a 2018 study in Nutrients found that subjects fed allulose experienced reduced body fat.

Product Reviews

Guy Gone Keto makes several different types of keto condiments, and one thing that’s awesome is they offer a starter pack with one of each.  My wife and I tasted tested each one together.  Here are our thoughts on each flavor:

Guy Gone Keto Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

If you threw this in a stir fry, I’m honestly not sure you could not tell the difference between it and a regular sugary bottle of teriyaki sauce.  It packs that classic umami-rich, soy sauce flavor.  My wife says it’s a maybe a smidge thinner than a regular teriyaki sauce, but she thought the flavor was spot-on.

We used it in a stir fry with steak, mushrooms, onions, and green beans – so incredibly tasty!

A steak and green bean stir fry in a pan with keto teriyaki sauce

Steak Sauce

This sauce would be perfect if you needed to elevate a steak.  It’s peppery, with some notes of vinegar and soy sauce, along with a hint of sweetness.  I love the bright flavor!

Guy Gone Keto steak sauce

Thai Chili Sauce

I have to admit, we were nervous about this one after reading some reviews on Amazon.  But I honestly don’t understand the negativity in a few reviews.  This stuff is super tasty!  If you like a good tangy, spicy chili sauce – this is perfect.  It may be a bit more vinegary than it’s traditional counterparts, but I really liked that punch it added, and my wife agreed.

BBQ Sauce

It’s thick, tangy, and perfect for topping off your grilled chicken or your keto chicken wings!  It has a good tomato base with a vinegary, smoky finish to it.  It’s not going to be your ultra-sweet honey BBQ sauce, but it’s a pretty darn delicious alternative on a low carb diet.  (You can of course make keto BBQ sauce yourself – but this makes it so much easier!).

Guy Gone Keto BBQ Sauce


I haven’t been able to taste the ketchup yet – unfortunately I accidentally sliced open the package being a bit too ambitious with the box cutter when opening the box of these.  But based on the rest of the options I tasted, I’d guess it’s just as awesome.

A few tips if you decide to purchase these:

  • The packaging is a little funny – think soft plastic packaging with a pull tab attached, and then a twist on lid.  I actually like it for storage because I can fit more in my fridge door shelf.  But when you open it, be sure to do so over a sink.  The thinner sauces tended to splash a bit when opened.  It wasn’t anything major, but opening it over the sink will just make it easier if a little happens to escape.
  • If you order from the Guy Gone Keto website, orders up to $49.99 ship for a flat $4.95. Orders above $50 ship for free.  If you’re not sure what to order, I’d personally recommend grabbing the Ultimate Bundle, which is currently just $62.  Not only does this have all the keto condiments above, but it also comes with MCT oil, KetoseSweet+ sweetener (you can use this for your keto baking!), and Thom’s (the owner’s) book.

I hope you are able to stock up on these for your keto diet.  They’re sure to help you create delicious meals on your lower-carb lifestyle.

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