Keto Chocolate Milk Recipe

Updated: October 13, 2022

If you’re craving a big ‘ol glass of chocolate milk, but are following a low carb keto diet – this low-carb keto chocolate milk recipe is a must-have.

Our keto chocolate milk recipe is creamy and delicious, with all that sweet chocolatey flavor you know and love. But with just 3.5 grams of net carbs per glass, you can easily fit this rich beverage into your low carb lifestyle as a keto snack or a keto treat after a low carb meal.

two tall glasses of keto chocolate milk - Yummy Keto Cooking Recipe

Is regular chocolate milk keto?

First off, you might be wondering if regular chocolate milk is keto – and the answer is a firm no. According to my wife, the nutritionist – most commercial brands clock in around 25-30 grams of net carbohydrate per cup. That’s about your entire day’s allocation of carbs right there, which is sure to kick you out of ketosis quickly.

But you can easily whip up your own version of the classic childhood (and adulthood!) treat that fits perfectly with your dietary needs.

How to make chocolate milk keto

You only need a few ingredients to make this quick, simple recipe:

  • Cocoa powder (you don’t want any kind of sweetened cocoa mix – you want the unsweetened kind, found in the baking aisle)
  • Hot water
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Heavy cream
  • Monk fruit liquid sweetener
ingredients to make keto chocolate milk including almond milk, heavy cream, cocoa powder, and liquid monk fruit sweetener

The key to making this is first creating a slurry with the cocoa powder and hot water. You want to avoid just dumping the cocoa powder into the almond milk – it is nearly impossible to get it to dissolve that way. You’ll shake it and stir it like crazy only to still have chunks start floating to the top mid drink. Yuck.

But when you start by creating a slurry out of the cocoa powder and hot water, it forms a nice syrup-like consistency that then dissolves easily in the milk mixture. Magic!

To create your slurry, you’ll mix a tablespoon of hot cocoa and a tablespoon of hot water in a small bowl. If that’s not enough to get a syrupy liquid, add an extra 1-2 teaspoons of hot water until it is. It should look like this when it’s ready:

a slurry of cocoa powder and hot water in a bowl

Now, all you need to do is pour your almond milk, heavy cream, and liquid sweetener in a glass, and stir in your cocoa powder syrup. That’s it! Pure chocolate milk deliciousness.

a woman pouring cocoa syrup into a glass of milk

What is monk fruit sweetener? Can you use a different sweetener?

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Monk fruit is also known as Luo Han Guo. It’s a small fruit grown in certain parts of Asia. To create a sweetener from this fruit, a certain class of compounds called Mogroside are extracted. These compounds contribute no calories or carbohydrates but are intensely sweet – about 200 times as sweet as sugar.

You’ll see several varieties of monk fruit sweeteners on the market, but this liquid version is my favorite for beverages. Just a few drops and you’ll get a pleasant sweetness that blends really easily.

If you don’t have this on hand, you can find monk fruit sweetener easily on Amazon (here’s the one I use).

You can certainly try other sweeteners like liquid stevia too. I personally find stevia to have a less pleasant taste than liquid monk fruit, but that’s for my taste buds – you may think the opposite!

If you use another sweetener, keep in mind you may need to adjust the amount depending on the type and concentration of the sweetener. The good thing with this beverage is you can easily add a little at a time, then take a little sip when you’re making it to see if the sweetness is at the right level, and then adjust with more if needed.

adding monk fruit sweetener to homemade low carb chocolate milk

Can you make a batch of keto chocolate milk ahead of time?

Yep! If you want, just double or triple the recipe and you can store the extra keto chocolate milk in the fridge for up to 3-4 days.

Nutrition facts

This keto chocolate milk clocks in right around 200 calories, with 19 grams of fat and just 3.5 grams of net carbs. That means it’s about, 86% fat, about 7% protein, and about 7% net carbohydrate. Not bad for a sweet keto treat!

There are some other low carb chocolate milk recipes out on the internet, but many are actually relatively low in fat. By combining the unsweetened almond milk with heavy cream, you not only get a better texture to your chocolate milk – but you also boost that fat content up to fuel your body!

two tall glasses of keto chocolate milk next to a spoonful of cocoa powder

I hope you enjoy this keto chocolate milk! If you get a chance to try it, be sure to leave a recipe rating or comment below.


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two glasses of keto chocolate milk next to a spoonful of cocoa powder

Keto Chocolate Milk

Yummy Keto Cooking

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This rich and creamy keto chocolate milk recipe is yummy and only takes a few minutes to make. It's perfectly keto, smooth, chocolatey, and delicious!

Prep time

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5 mins

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1 serving

200 kcal



  1. Mix the cocoa powder with a tablespoon of hot water in a small bowl. You want it to form a smooth, pourable syrup. If you need to, add another 1 teaspoon at a time until this forms.

  2. Pour the almond milk, heavy cream, and monk fruit sweetener into a glass. Stir in the cocoa syrup. Enjoy!


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