13 Delicious Keto Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Morning Right

Mornings can be tricky if you’re trying to avoid carbs.  If you think about the common breakfast items on the market – cereals, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and more – you’ll notice very few are low-carb.  But not to fear, friends!  We’ve got you covered with 13 absolutely delicious keto breakfast recipes.  Not only are they tasty, but they’re filling and most are quite easy to make.

Collage of several keto breakfast recipes including an omelet, low carb muffins, and a keto breakfast sandwich

13 Delicious Keto Breakfast Recipes

1. Chocolate Protein Keto Pancakes from Diabetes Strong

Packed with protein, these low-carb chocolate keto pancakes are a quick and easy option for breakfast. With over 20 grams of protein and only 5 grams of carbs per serving, these pancakes make a delicious and healthy breakfast idea.  Plus, who can resist chocolate at any meal?!

2. Baked Eggs Florentine with Ham from Keto Cooking Wins

A classic brunch dish that’s ready in about 30 minutes, this cheesy egg and ham recipe will be a big hit for your next breakfast.  Plus, this dish packs in nutrient-dense spinach to add some extra vitamins and minerals to your morning meal.

3. Keto Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Danish from Keen for Keto

If you make these ahead of time on the weekend, they’re then a great on-the-go keto breakfast recipe for those busy mornings throughout the week. This Danish is made with a zero-carb sweetener and filled with a creamy pumpkin cream cheese blend.  If you are all about the pumpkin dishes this fall, these are definitely worth the try.

4. Keto Blackberry Muffins from Yummy Keto Cooking

Healthy and delicious blackberries fill these keto muffins making them a great breakfast option. You can switch out the blackberries for raspberries as well, and these are freezer friendly, so you have them on hand for a quick option when needed.

5. Cinnamon Swirl Protein Muffins from The Helpful GF

Not only are these cinnamon swirl muffins A-OK on a keto diet, they’re also gluten free and grain free which make them a great option for anyone with dietary limitations.  This protein packed breakfast to help you get going in the morning.

6. Easy Keto Egg Bake from Sweet Pea Lifestyle

Another healthy breakfast option that is packed full of protein, this easy egg bake is filled with sausage, onions, and cheese. You can also substitute any of the ingredients for other keto friendly foods to mix it up if you are looking for different flavor combinations.  For example, instead of sausage and onion, you can try subbing in cooked ground beef and green chiles.

7. Keto Chaffles from Oh So Foodie

A different take on waffles, these chaffles (cheese-waffles) are made with just a few ingredients and are completely flour-free. These chaffles are another breakfast that’s perfect for busy mornings because they’re done in just under 10 minutes and that includes prep time!  Plus, chaffles simply taste amazing.  I love mine topped with a fried egg and bacon.

8. Italian Sausage and Spinach Quiche from Keto Cooking Christian

Thought quiche was off limits because of the pastry crust?  Not with this keto quiche recipe!  This quiche has a crust with an almond flour, butter, and egg base – and is then filled with a lot of cheese, some sweet Italian sausage, tomatoes and spinach.  It’s easy to make, and you can use other ingredients if you’d like to customize the taste of the dish.

9. Keto Bacon and Egg Muffins from Gav’s Kitchen

Nothing says breakfast like the traditional eggs and bacon! These keto friendly bacon and egg muffins are a quick way to have a delicious breakfast. You can also use these muffins as snacks throughout the day when you need a little extra pick me up.

10. Jalapeno Popper Keto Omelet from Yummy Keto Cooking

Do you love a good jalapeno popper appetizer?  Then check out the breakfast equivalent of that in this keto omelet!  It’s packed with all those fueling fats and has the same flavors as your favorite pub food treat – plus it’s got an ideal macronutrient breakdown for a keto diet.

11. Keto Breakfast Sandwiches from Oh So Foodie

These breakfast sandwiches are made with a keto bread making it a great low-carb twist on a traditional breakfast sandwich.  These are versatile so you can use any keto friendly ingredients you choose to fill your sandwich.

12. Spinach and Feta Egg Cups from Keto Cooking Wins

Another tasty take on egg cups, these cups have Greek-inspired flavors to get your taste buds going. These keto-friendly breakfast cups are filled with delicious fresh spinach, feta cheese, and healthy bell peppers.

13. Keto French Toast Egg Puffs from Peace, Love, and Low Carb

A keto take on the traditional French toast recipe, these French toast egg puffs are both low-carb and delicious. The puffs are topped with a sugar-free maple syrup for a sweet and tasty breakfast meal.

I hope you enjoy all of these keto breakfast recipes!

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