Low Carb Appetizers – Cook Keto for Family and Friends

Updated: March 15, 2022

That special occasion is here. You have a house full of people to feed but don’t want to stray from ketosis. No problem, these keto appetizer recipe ideas will please the crowd while still being low in carbs! No one even has to know!

Any time there’s a holiday, birthday party, or a family gathering it can be hard not to make horrible food choices, especially when someone else is hosting. But if you are the one hosting, let me just say, you got this!

That’s the inspiration behind this post. Don’t fall short just because you can’t find delicious keto appetizers that everyone will eat! Not to mention, we have taken care of the menu for you here at Yummy Keto Cooking!

Keto Appetizers – Easy to Make, Irresistible in Taste

Keto Snack Recipe Ideas from Yummy Keto Cooking

1. Chorizo Queso Dip from Plating Pixels

What better way to save time than with a slow cooker! I will warn, the dip is featured with chips, those are not keto! Try a veggie tray or some keto cheese chips as a replacement.

Keto chorizo dip with someone dipping a chip

2. Bacon Wrapped Scallops from Pinch and Swirl

These areone of myfavorite keto appetizers and will be gone in no time!! Obviously, you can find these at your local market in the frozen section, but if possible try to buy them fresh for more flavor! These can be baked right in the oven so no need to have to mess with a grill.

keto bacon wrapped scallop starter on white plate next to a fork

3. Pepperoni Chips from Whole Lotta Yum

Okay, so these are actually MICROWAVED! I mean really, it cannot get much easier than that! These keto appetizer chips are also ringing in at 0 carbs and are great when you are craving something crunchy.

Keto Pepperoni Chip Appetizer in a bowl next to celery

4. Keto Stuffed Jalapeños from Yummy Keto Cooking

These stuffed peppers are a little different than what you are used to seeing since they are stuffed with chicken! And guess what? They are less than 2 carbs each! You could also make these ahead of time and freeze them until you are ready to use them with only minimal alterations. Don’t forget, these can be made with your LEFTOVER chicken as well!

Keto stuffed jalepeno starter In cast iron dish

5. Baked BBQ Baked Wrapped Chicken Wings from Mom Foodie

You can still have a game day with these low carb wings and they taste even better baked! The wings are also gluten-free and go great with a broccoli salad.

Keto Baked Bacon Wrapped Chicken wings in a white bowl with green garnish

6. Keto Mozzarella Sticks from Yummy Keto Cooking

We are talking about a classic party keto appetizer that is now low carb! Be sure to grab some keto Thai chili sauce or whip up some homemade keto BBQ sauce for added flavor if you are missing out on marinara or ranch.

Keto mozzarella stick snack being dipped into red sauce

7. Baked Pickle Chips from Divalicious Recipes

It was hard to swallow that I would not get to indulge in fried pickles anymore after going keto. Until I found this great recipe! Not to mention only .6 carbs per serving! If you would like them a little spicier just top with hot sauce.

Keto backed pickle chips surrounding a bowl of sauce

8. Chick-A-Roni Skewers from Mom Foodie

These are perfect for a quick keto appetizer. Ready in less than 30 minutes! If you are wondering what kind of skewers to use, I love the metal ones because you can reuse them and don’t have to worry about soaking them.

Keto chick a roni starter on a glass plate

9. Keto Cheesy Fried Ravioli from A Girl Worth Saving

Keto ravioli is a great low carb appetizer and a perfect alternative to pasta without compromising Italian comfort. You can also pre-make the ravioli for up to two days before you need them.

Keto Ravioli Appetizer on a cutting board beside a red sauce

10. Almond Butter Fruit Dip from Whole New Mom

This fruit dip makes for a yummy sweet treat. As far as keeping it keto, use with 1 cup of strawberries and 1 serving of the dip! Your guest will love this! Not to mention fruit trays are always a nice presentation for a party.

Keto almond butter fruit dip in bowl surrounding by fruit

11. Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings Cooking with Curls

We host a lot of parties and football games. When someone mentions a game and we are hosting, wings automatically come to mind. This is a great twist on the traditional BBQ sauced wing, and if you love parmesan you will definitely love these!

Keto garlic parmesan wing appetizer topped with green garnish beside a dipping sauce

12. Bacon and Goat Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers from Sip Bite Go

I love the food table when there are different colors, they add a bit of colour to a keto buffet. I just think it’s very appealing to guests. So, these peppers are perfect for a wow factor, not to mention they are delicious! These are best served hot or at room temperature.

Keto mini stuffed pepper appetizer on a plate

13. Keto Jalapeño Popper Bites from This Moms Menu

These bites are like mini hot pockets versus the traditional poppers. Perfect for keto and one batch makes about 20 bites. Great when cooking for a crowd!

Keto Jalepeno Popper Bite Appetizer with a bite missing

14. Cajun Shrimp Stuffed Avocado from Babagonosh

This is a nice twist for Cajun shrimp! It reminds me of Bang Bang Shrimp if you have ever had those. You can serve them like they are, or you could scoop it out and place it on a bed of greens.

Keep shrimp stuffed avocado boats next to a lime

15. Spicy Crab Dip from Two Sleevers

To be totally keto, get a veggie tray to go along with the dip! This could also be used for a nice lunch considered one serving has 20 grams of protein!


16. BLT Dip from Joy Filled Eats

This is totally like the sandwich without the bread, and I must say…I think I like it better! It’s perfect for a summer party and goes great with cucumbers and carrots for that extra crunch!

Keto BLT dip appetizer on a white plate next to cucumbers

17. Sausage Balls with Cream Cheese from Wholesome Yum

I am a sucker for sausage balls, so I had to try these! They are amazing! If you want some extra flavor, look for a sugar-free keto-friendly condiment, like mustard or hot sauce.

Keto sausage balls on a white plate next to honey mustard sauce


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