Keto Before and After – How The Keto Diet Proved To Be A Game-Changer For Dana

Taking the first step to try something completely new can be terrifying, especially if you don’t know where to begin. The same goes for dieting. For 23-year old Dana, keto turned out to be the perfect diet to help her on her weight loss journey. 

With so many different diets on the market, it can be tricky to find the right one for you. To learn more about the effects of keto, we sat down with Toronto native and public servant Dana.


Dana keto journey

Tell us a bit about your keto journey

I was on the Paleo diet between April and June 2018, but after seeing a stall in my weight loss, I decided to try something new to overcome the situation. I lost around 30 lbs [13.6 kg] while being on it. I switched to a ketogenic diet in June 2018 and went on to lose another 100 lbs [45.3 kg] shortly after that.

With all the options available, what made you want to stick to keto?

I stuck with keto because I found it to be simplified nutrition in a way that works for me. It was a sustainable lifestyle that allowed me to achieve great results.

How much weight have you lost so far?

I’ve lost about 130 lbs [58.9 kg]. Currently, my main focus is maintenance and building strength in the gym.


Did you relapse at any point?

I’ve never had any relapse! Truthfully, I try to get people to steer away from using negative terminology when consuming food that isn’t classified as keto as it associates guilt or even shame in food consumption. For instance, rather than referring to it as cheat days, consider calling them treat days, and trust in the knowledge you’ve gained to make better and healthier decisions.

What should people think about when starting a keto diet?

People should do their research! Ultimately the goal is to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and it’s important to remember that just because something is labeled keto does not make it healthy.

You can have a ton of fun on keto and enjoy low-carb adaptations to our favorite foods such as ice cream, cake, and fried chicken. But again, these are foods that you should consume in moderation despite being keto.


What’s your go-to keto meal at the moment?

My favorite keto meal right now is a mixed chicken and beef shawarma salad!

What advice can you give someone that is looking to start their weight loss journey?

Get to the root of what is making you unhappy with your weight or appearance. There is a big misconception that losing weight will automatically solve your problems when, really if you don’t address any underlying issues first, they will find a way to resurf. If your motivation for weight loss is purely for aesthetics, your results are less likely to be long-term. Work on developing a deep appreciation for healthy choices and movement, and I guarantee you will find sustainable results and personal growth.


To learn more about Dana, you can follow her journey on Instagram.








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