How Keto Contributed to Gretchen’s Dramatic Weight Loss

Losing weight can be challenging as it’s often easier said than done. That’s why, for many people, the ketogenic diet is a life-changer and the push they need to reach their goals. Read on to find out how Gretchen transformed her life and went on a successful weight loss journey with the help of the keto diet.

We sat down with 42-year-old Gretchen from Palmetto, Florida, who, after trying different diets throughout her life, decided to turn to keto to improve her health. A professional baker and pastry chef, she is surrounded by sugar and flour every day yet continues to stay committed to keto.


Gretchen weight loss
Gretchen after her impressive weight loss.

Tell us a bit about your keto journey

I started keto about three years ago after getting the recommendation from a nutritionist. Counting macros was completely foreign to me, so I started off by purchasing a keto diet book to learn as much as possible. I wanted to do it right, so I went straight to a book written about it instead of relying on search engines.

What was the turning point for you? Did you try other diets before keto?

My body couldn’t keep up with me! I wanted to do so many things, but I was so tired and lethargic. My husband and I love to go to theme parks, and I really wanted to fully enjoy them.

I have been on diets since I was in my preteens. I have tried the high carb/low-fat diets of the 80’s, the controversial Fenfluramine/Phentermine (Fen/Phen) of the 90’s, weight watchers, HCG, name it, I tried it. Like many people in my position, when you are morbidly, obese you tend to try anything, and I was searching for a low-carb diet that I could make into a lifestyle.

Gretchen, an avid theme park lover, at Disneyland.

How much weight have you lost so far, and are you happy with your result?

As of this interview, I am down 120 pounds (54.4 kg). There is still about 30 pounds left to lose (13.6 kg), but I’m taking my time with it. I actually really love my new body, so I’m not in a big hurry, especially since I’ve been able to maintain this weight loss for over a year. I feel like we are always a work in progress. You have to give yourself some leniency and relearn how to eat, shop, and live. There’s no rush here.

Did you relapse at some point, or did it just work for you from the get-go?

Yes! I still have struggles, but that’s a part of the process. Snackcidents (consuming too many snacks at one go) happen, but you have to forgive yourself and try again the next day. Try to plan accordingly by having plenty of keto snacks, adjusting your fat intake, and drinking water. There are ways to combat it.


Gretchen at theme park
Gretchen and her husband at a theme park.

What’s your favorite keto meal?

I make this zucchini dish that has no actual name outside of the ‘zucchini thing.’  It is chopped zucchini, hot Italian sausage, low sugar pasta sauce, and parmigiana cheese.

What advice can you give someone that is looking to start their weight loss journey?

Take small steps, and make small changes. This is a journey, not a race! Remember to give yourself time to adjust when jumping on the keto journey. So many people quit within the first few weeks, but if you give it a little time, you’ll see amazing results.

To learn more about Gretchen, you can follow her journey on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

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