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I’m Meghan, owner of the yummy keto cooking keto blog. I am a food lover, keto blogger, keto recipe developer, and keto advocate from Minnesota in the US. I’m also a devoted Christian and a mom of 2 married to my high-school sweetheart Jeff.

After years of struggling to lose weight and trying every diet under the sun, I decided to turn to the keto diet and lifestyle. Honestly, it changed my life! So much that it made me want to help others discover the keto lifestyle and help people on their weight loss journey.

That was the start of Yummy Keto Cooking, a keto blog created to facilitate your keto journey by providing recipes, tips, and general information that you might need as you navigate through the next stage of your life.

So welcome to the Yummy Keto Cooking keto blog, make yourself comfortable, and soak in all the information on the blog. And if you find yourself lacking motivation and need a push, head over to the success stories section to hear about other people’s amazing transformation stories.